Maryland Convent Private School, (OLA) has three sections, and each section is being headed by a Sectional Head who is accountable to the Headteacher. The school has qualified, competent teaching and non-teaching Staff numbering about a hundred and twenty-two.

The administrative team of MCPS comprise of the Head teacher, Assistant Head teacher, Examination chairman, Upper Primary Sectional Head, Lower Primary Sectional Head and Nursery Sectional Head.

The Head teacher of MCPS is an OLA Reverend Sister. She coordinates both human and material resources for the effective administration of School as required by the Ministry of Education.

Assistant Head teacher is an added support for effective school management. She takes charge of the bookshop and the uniform store.

Examination Chairperson is appointed by the Head Teacher to handle all matters relating to examination. She works with a team.

The school is divided into three sessions with a sectional Head for each:
a) Upper Primary Section; 4-6
b) Lower Primary Section; 1-3
c) Nursery Section; i and 2, preparatory and playgroup

Duties of the sectional heads:
• Supervise and inspect staff, pupils, classrooms and the environment
• Act on behalf of the head teacher and her assistant when they are not around
• Attend to parents as needs arise.
• Mark records such as lesson notes, registers, school diary.
• Take daily statistics of staff and pupils.

The sectional Head of the upper primary is regarded as the senior section Head. She is also responsible for:
• Registration of primary six pupils for external examinations.
• Registers primary one Pupils for LASGEM.
• Does other things as regards the ministry of Education.A

Rev. Sr. Lucia Otusanya, OLA

Head Teacher

Rev. Sr. Valentina Adeyemo, OLA

Assistant Head Teacher

Mr. Olaoye Bola

Upper primary sectional Head

Mrs. Obioha-Enu Chinonye

Lower primary sectional head /Examination Chairperson

Mrs Oloa Appolonia

Nursery Sectional Head