Rev. Sr. Lucia Otusanya, OLA

The saying “Make hay while the sunshine “ is not new in every house hold. It is a saying that is used each day to awaken minds to the reality of life because as we all know time does not wait for anyone.

At the very instant of mentioning, it drives home a message which simply means that one should make use of the situation that is favourable when embarking on a task.

It is an English proverb that tells the climatic condition. It is a unique expression that refers to the production of hay after a harvest. The warmth of the sun’s rays dries up the wheat stalks and turns them into hay. The weather being unpredictable, one has to grab the opportunity and dry the hay while the sun is shining. If the heat of the sun is not used at the appropriate time the hay may be ruined. It is a sensible and practical of farming advice which is applicable to life situation.


Hence, this proverb tells us that if there is a task that needs to be done, it must be done when one still have a chance to do it. It is an opportunity that one must seize so that it does not slip away because no one knows what the future holds.

The concept here is to swing into action at the right time. This saying concerns every work of life regardless of age and gender. There is certain right time to achieve different task. When the opportunity is used at the correct time it lasts for a long time and proves to be an advantage.

The advantage of favourable circumstances which may not last indefinitely must be taken. Most of us are inclined to delay things by postponing them to later dates and come back to that later dates certain things would have changed and it might no longer be possible to do it as planned.

One needs to calculate all possibilities that will bear fruit, be it at home, in the office, market, school, farm etc. For instance, a farmer has to work with the climatic condition so that the weather climate does not affect its result at the end of the day.

It is good to plan ones work, analyze the pros and cons and see if it is the right time to start, once you have started, keep it till you accomplish your desired aims or goals. It is said “Well began is half done”.

It is good not to procrastinate, it is better to take ones time and settle into what has to be done at the right time and place so that the planned aims can be achieved. Success lies on hard work and planning.

When it comes to studying, most students play away their time, they keep on postponing the reading of their books or doing their assignments to later dates. At the dying minutes, they struggle to read for their examinations which on a good day wouldn’t have taken much energy on what they would have done with ease. Therefore, they have no choice rather than to study with great tension which may eventually lead to sleepless night and sometimes to failure because some students cannot study under tension. Therefore, the required success may not be achieved as at when expected because of wrong calculation.

Even in a home, the family(father, mother and children) need to know their responsibilities and have to carry them out at the right time so that no one will suffer the negligence of the other person which if care is not taken may tie down the progress of other members of the family.

The father has to plan with the mother of the home in savings so that the needs of the home( food, shelter, clothing, school fees etc) can be met at the right time. The mother has to visit the market to purchase the stuff needed in the house at the right time. Failure to carry out these responsibilities effectively may make the people at home unhappy.

A teacher needs to plan for his or her lesson at the right time and put everything in order so as to be able to teach adequately in the class. If a teacher keeps on postponing the preparation, he or she may not be able to deliver effectively in the class. Thus, expected results will not be achieved.

For every task there is a time. So plan your work accordingly, choosing the right time and reap the benefit. One must make use of the opportunities as life is too short to miss any kind of opportunity. Make every seconds count.

Conclusively, the essence of this is that it is good to take stock of a situation and realize when opportunity presents itself. It is good to make use of our time. We need to do the right thing at the right time in other that time will not elude us. To be successful in life, all hands must be on deck. We have to be up and doing, failure to do this can cause damage that may not be fixed in a life time. Don’t play away your time, be responsible in all aspect of life, grab any opportunity that presents itself. Stand to the challenges of life and hold on to what you believe in. Once again MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES.