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Some of of MCPS old pupils


Oladejo Rooney

A wise man once said, “The greatest journey in life begins with the smallest steps”. My journey of a life time began with a small step through the gates of this reputable institution, Maryland Convent Private School and today, it is that very step which proved to be my greatest and wisest as it led me through the doors of an extra ordinary school in which my great journey of self discovery and development began.

Greetings, today I am faced with the hard task of delivering the most difficult speech I ever had to make but what makes it difficult is not the fact that I have to say farewell to that and those which and who became our home and family for five years, but because I have to express, what to me is inexpressible – the love, pride, gratitude and appreciation that I feel towards my school and the people who moulded us in to who we are today.

All my life, it has always been my dream to leave something of myself behind wherever I go and whoever I meet. I want to walk in a room and people would know that I have entered and when I leave, I want my footprints to remain in the lives of those whose paths I have crossed.

Rev. Sr. Gladys Osagie, I duff my cap for you, you are a head teacher with a difference. You moulded, nurtured and brought out the best in us. Your influence and great leadership are scent that rubbed off on me and to which I will cling in the years to come. As we leave the school, I promise that your good work will live in us and will yield good fruits, anywhere we go and anyone we encounter as we sojourn in life, we will be blessings to him or her.

To the staff of M.C.P.S, Robinson Stevenson said, ” Your success is determined not in the harvest you reap, but in the seeds you plant”. You have planted seeds in us, the graduates with great care, you have cultivated us with love and knowledge over the years and have watched us grow. Today, we are the fruits of your labour. However, the season has come and we are ready to be uprooted from familiar
ground and taken from your care. Thank you for helping these one hundred and fourteen seeds grow into strongly rooted trees that can withstand the test of time.

Our wonderful parents, I thank you for every Naira, tears and hours you spent on us. Your efforts will never be in vain. You have the greatest glory.

To my fellow graduates, thank you for the years we spent together; we laughed, cried and shared secrets. I pray we keep in touch and keep the flag flying.

In closing, I pray that you will take from my speech these words from John Greenleaf Whittier and remember it always, as you continue in your journey through schools: For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, “It might have been”. M.C.P.S., it has been great, I bid you farewell, you are always in my prayers.