The 18th Biennial Inter house Sport festival was held on 19th February 2020 at Maryland Comprehensive Secondary School field.

Prior to the event was the heat competition which was held on 11th and 12th  February 2020 at our school field. Sports like High Jump, Football etc were finalized while for track events the final selections on athlete or the houses were made.

On that day, the officiating Officers were:

  • Referee – Pst. Ekpokpobe
  • Chief track judge –  Mr. Okorosobo
  • Track Judge – Mr. Babalola A. S.
  • Track Judge- Mr. Akpojotor F.
  • Starter 1 – Mr. Eko U.
  • Starter 2 – Mr. Edudje F.
  • Table recorder- Mr. Olusupo S.A
  • Table Recorder – Mrs. Kehinde K.

The Medical teams were:

  • Alli A. (Mrs.)
  • Anichukwu E. (Mrs.)
  • Enu C. (Mrs.)

The touch of unity which depicted the spirit of sportsmanship was take by five athletes representing the school’s five houses, with the last athletes handing the touch to a parent and finally to the sport master.

The event started at 11:00am with an opening prayer led by Rev. Sr. Agnes Hassan but officially begun after the addresses of the Head teacher (Rev. Sr. Lucia Otusanya) and the Chairman (Mr. Onwudike Henry).

The event was highly competitive among the 5 houses (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and White)

Beginning the sporting events was the March past, followed by the calisthenic dance,then the taekwondo display, this group showcased their talents and skills. The track events followed immediately starting with the 25m tiny tots race and ended with the old pupils race.

It was not an all school affair as other invites schools took to the field in the 4 x 100m relay race competition.

After all track events, five tribes (Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Edo and Urhobo) were showcased as it took in the turn of fashion parade.

The event ended with presentation of trophies, medals, certificates and gift items.

Winning Houses;

  • March Past: Red House
  • Football: Blue House
  • High Jump (Boy): Blue House
  • High Jump (Girl): White House

The winner of the 18th Biennial Inter House Sport Competition was BLUE HOUSE (Pere Augustin Planque).

It was a worthwhile event, pupils exhibited sporting talents and according to some spectators, Nigeria is blessed with up coming athletes.

Chairman of the Day

Mr. Henry Onwudike

Mother of the Day

Mrs. Chinelo Ujubuonu

Father of the Day with his wife

Mr. and Mrs. Adetayo Adeniji

Director of Education

Msgr. Jerome Oduntan

Match Past

Blue House

Fr. Augustine Plaque

Red House

St Agnes

White House

Our Lady of Apostles

Yellow House

St. Anthony

Green House

Infant Jesus

Brown House

MCPS Staff

Calisthenic Dance

Track Event

Certificate Recorder

Medical Team

Track Judges

Invited Schools

St. Agnes Nur/ Pry School

Sacred Heart Nur/ Pry School

Our Lady of Apostles

St. Mary's Private School

Fashion Parade





Mr. Albert Ude