The 2021 Christmas Carol was a huge success.

It was held on the 14th December, 2021 under the distinguished chairmanship of Pharm. and Mrs. Everest Okeakpu, and Mr. and Mrs. Terry Okonedo as Parents of the Day, with some other invited guests, Parents, Staff and Pupils.

Various activities took place like drama and  presentation of gifts to baby Jesus, congregational songs were sang.

melodious songs from the Parent Choir and also the school pupil’s Choir were presented

The High Table

Mrs. T. Okeakpu

Chairman of the Ocassion

Mrs. Okonedo A.

Parent of the Day

Ms. Uruaka A.

MC of the ocassion

Mrs. Uzer- Terfer J. and Ms. Umoren A.

School Chior Mistresses

Mr. Omieke B.

Schhol Choir Master

Parent Choir

School Choir

School's Chamber of Recorder