Primary Six Excursion To Badagry

A Walk To The Point Of No Return

Pupils become bored and boring if they do not take time to relax their brains and muscles. With this in mind, the management chose the Mobee Royal Family Museum Badagry for primary six excursion. By 6:20am on Thursday , 30th May 2019; the pupils, their teachers and Reverend Sister Theresa embarked on the journey to Badagry, immediately after committing the pupils into God’s hand by the headteacher of the school, Reverend Sister Lucia Otusanya.

The Rosary was said inside the bus, on completion of the Rosary, the pupils relaxed on their seats and watched the view as the buses sped by. Despite the bad road, there was no traffic and the journey was smooth and free. At Badagry the pupils first stop was at the slave museum, as they stepped inside, they were taken back in time into the slave era. There, you see pictures depicting mans inhumanity to his fellow human and i imagined what the slaves might have endured. The tour guides explained that slaves were kept in Barracoon before they were sold and taken to the slave ships ans shipped from Badagry. Slaves names were not recognised but rather they were called by their masters names.

One hundred slaves were exchanged for one canon gun, fifty slaves drank at once from a bowl. There were padlocks to lock slaves mouths to prevent any form of communication, not to mention of chains for punishment for any slave that revolt. On display inside the museum were antiques and relics like umbrellas, guns, ceramic plates, jugs and others gained from the European slave dealers.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. After touring the slave museum, the pupils proceeded to the first storey building in Nigeria, which was built in 1845 by the missionaries who introduced Christianity and western education. Christianity was first preached in Nigeria under the Agia tree by Rev. Henry Townsend of Anglican church. Inside the storey building was the first English Bible which was brought into Nigeria on the 17th December, 1842 by Rev. Henry Townsend and the bible was later translated by Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowder in Yoruba language. Hanging on the wall was the portrait of the first western teacher in Nigeria, Mr Claudius Philips and it was gathered that the school started with the enrollment of forty men. The youngest of the students was forty-five years old while the oldest was fifty-eight years and they spent twelve years in the primary school.

Outside the first storey building was a well dug in 1845. The water was colourless, pure and till date still bring forth water. Inhabitants of Badagry are of the opinion that it is a miracle well. The pupils proceeded from the storey building in awe to the river bank where we boarded a boat and was ferried to Gberefu Island. On alighting from the boat, the journey to the point of no return began. You can imagine what took the slaves weeks to trek because of the chains on their legs and hands, the inhumanity treatment meted on them as they journeyed, took the pupils in their excitement fifteen minutes to jog. It was a very lonely path to walk on but the pupils moved on to feel what the slaves experienced though as a free party.

The Attenuation well at Gberefun was the beginning of horrifying journey that would take slaves forced to sip from it, from their native land to either their slave masters or to their death. A sip from the well resulted to total amnesia, the slaves immediately forgot everything about their lives. We gathered that some blacks from across the globe do pay homage to the well. From there, we journeyed to the arc of departure to see how slaves left the shore of Nigeria. Infact, it was a journey of discovery, the pupils jogged back to the boat jubiliating, because we were able to return. The pupils went back home reminiscing on the trip to Badagry.

By Uruaka Adaobi


The school engages in 11 co-curriculum activities. They are formatted to build the intellect, Spirituality and talents of these pupils.
They are:

• Jet Club
• Debate / Dramatic club
• Press Club
• Choir
• Red Cross
• Boys Scout
• Girls Guide
• Band
• Cultural
• Football club

Junior Engineers Technician (Jet) Club:
This club is for pupils who are interested in becoming future scientist. These pupils are groomed to stand the test of time and excel in their science oriented field and become men and women of proven integrity.

Press Club:
When we talk on building Confidence, moulding good orators, speaking using orals with correct diction etc, we call the PRESS CLUB.
Pupils are encouraged to be confidence in speaking and carrying out interviews, bold in reporting on latest events and casting news. In the school, news is being casted every Thursday on the assembly ground. Competition like spelling bee, quiz etc are represented by pupils of this club.

Missionary Childhood Association (MCA):
MCA is a group that groom and guide the pupils’ spiritual growth by the following:
• Encourage pupils to become friends and lover of Jesus Christ
• Encourage pupils to pray for children all over the world
• Assisting children who are in need
• Encourage Catholic pupils (who are of age) in receiving the sacrament of first holy communion
• Making sacrifices by visiting homes of the less privileged children
• Etc

This group train and encourages pupils to sing and win souls through their voices for Christ. When the choristers of Maryland Convent Private School sing, they spice the event with their angelic voices.

Red Cross:
Red Cross is a voluntary organization which was established in the school to encourage pupils have the spirit to serve humanity in helping alleviate human suffering in the face of emergency. Pupils are taught certain ways to save lives before taken to the hospital for proper check up

Cultural society:
This group helps in discovering and developing talents in the area of performing art. Pupils represent the school in any cultural competition. In the year 2013, the school won the shell cultural children competition.

Football club:
Building the spirit of sportsmanship is done by this group. Tactics on playing football is taught.
The school has her football academy established in year 2015 to train and encourage the young on the game FOOTBALL.
Venue: Maryland Convent Private School (Primary Field)

Days: Saturday
Time: 7:30am – 10:00 am
Ages: 7 years – 10 years
Fees: N2,000 for registration at the school office
Monthly dues: N1,500

Further information on the football academy please contact
The Head Office 08023593700, 08114867666

Basket Ball:
This sport was established in the school in year 2016 under the administration of Rev. Sr. Gladys Osagie.
The school basketball court is wide and well equipped. She has a coach and her team players.
Presently, there is no academy on basketball but hope to establish in the nearest future.

Teakwando: Bravo!!!

Eleven (11) pupils were graded from white belt to yellow belth on 11th July, 2018