This section comprises of Playgroup, Preparatory, Nursery 1 and 2. Each class has 4 arms differentiated by colours (Red, Green, Blue and White) except playgroup which has of 2 arms (A and B) with a teacher and an assistant who impact positive knowledge in the pupils.
This section has its’ library, playground and assembly ground.
Pupils in this section especially those in playgroup and preparatory learn through toys, poems and visuals while formal learning starts in Nursery 1.

This section comprises of the lower primary (primary 1 – 3) and upper primary (primary 4 – 6).
The structure of the primary building is opposite the administrative block, coloured cream and brown. Each class has 4 arms differentiated by colours (Red, Green, Blue and White) with a teacher and an assistant.
Pupils in this section are engaged in both internal and external activities (excursion, competition (debates, chess, cultural and quiz), visitation to less privilege etc).

General Information:

  • Crèche
    This is not part of the school programme but the service we render is to assist Staff,Parents and other working class nursing mothers in our environ.
  • Holiday coaching is organized by the school in August each year for both pupils and non pupils of the school.
  • Purchase of school material (uniform and books) is done in the month of August and 2nd week after the resumption date.
  • The school organizes “MORNING DRILL” (for primary 6) which begins by 7:00am (before assembly) to groom the primary 6 pupils in the aspect of speed and fight against examination phobia.
  • The school also organizes Saturday lesson for her pupils in primary 6.