Sport builds the pupils mentally and physically which makes them strong. We are proud of our sporting traditions, football and basketball are the major sports played in the school. We offers a range of many after-school sports clubs, which are open to all our pupils, with a focus on enjoyment as well as competition.

We are immensely proud of how the pupils participate in inter school sport events, as well as how far the teams progress in competitions.

The school has a standard and very spacious football field, made of natural green grasses. Novelty matches are sometimes held in the school.
We also have a formidable football team, and professional football coach who trian our team and also manages the school’s Football Academy that was established in 2015.

Below are information about the Football Academy 
Training Venue: Maryland Convent Private School (Primary Field)
Days: Saturday
Time: 7:30am – 10:00 am
Ages: 7 years – 10 years
Category: Boys and Girls (pupils and non pupils)
Registration fee: N2,000 at the school office
Monthly dues: N1,500 at the school office

Further information please contact:
The Head Office 08023593700, 08114867666

This sport was established in the school in year 2016 under the administration of Rev. Sr. Gladys Osagie. The school basketball court is wide and well equipped. She has a coach and her team players.
Presently, there is no academy on basketball but hope to establish in the nearest future