January 23rd 1967, marked the birth of this great school in the then diocese of Lagos. It was third among the existing primary schools established by the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Apostles.

The school was founded to serve all who come, regardless of their race or status; therefore the school fees charged are kept low and affordable when compared with other schools of its standard.

At its conception, the school used part of the former St. Agnes teachers’ training block. Rev. Sr. Comgall Miligan, OLA, Mrs. Shasegbon, Mrs. Beckley to mention a few groomed the school for one year and thereafter Mrs. Okuribido F. J. was employed the first Headmistress of the school in 1968.

The construction work which began in 1970 was completed in 1972 and was blessed by Rev. Fr. Morrision, SMA and opened for use. The buildings were quite impressive. There were 18 classrooms as well as administrative and nursery blocks. The school has special rooms for Music, Arts and Culture, Home Economics; Libraries, Science and Computer Laboratories. All of which are well and adequately equipped.

The compound is spacious; the class rooms are large and well ventilated. The atmosphere is serene and conducive to learn.

The first gradaunds who were 154 in number did outstandingly well. Some of whom received scholarships into Secondary Schools.
Presently, there are 8 classroom blocks including a school hall with a sitting capacity of 1000. Classes available are Playgroup, Preparatory, Nursery 1 and 2 and Primary (1-6). There are 1500 pupils on roll and 130 well qualified members of staff (both teaching and non teaching staff)

Besides receiving a qualitative academic education. pupils are exposed to Extra-Curricular activities through the Arts and Culture, Debates,  Sports, Excursions, Visits to the less privileged, e.t.c.

Moral Instruction holds a high place in the school curriculum. By the time the pupils complete their primary education in Maryland Convent Private School, they have been well prepared spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially so that they can face the challenges of life confidently.

The school uniform comprises of a smart cream dress for the girls and cream colour shirt with a light brown knicker. The brown Cortina sandals worn with customized white/brown socks set of the perfectly dressed MCPS pupil.
It is worth noting that the school has produced great outstanding scholars who have obtained great heights and are holding available positions in the society.

It is of great importance to mention the OLA Sisters who have contributed their quota to the development of this great school.

  • • Rev. Sr. Congall Miligan, OLA of the blessed memory
    • Rev. Sr. Kathleen O’Regan OLA of the blessed memory
    • Rev. Sr. Stephanie Green, OLA
    • Rev. Sr. Joanna Mc-Carthy of the blessed memory
    • Rev. Sr. Catherine O’Farrel, OLA
    • Rev. Sr. Cordelia Ogene, OLA
    • Rev. Sr. Patricia Okwegba, OLA
    • Rev. Sr. Celestina Agwu, OLA
    • Rev. Sr. Joy-Gertrude Okonkwo, OLA
    • Rev. Sr. Philomena Adah, OLA
    • Rev. Sr. Leila Barikpe, OLA
    • Rev. Sr. Cynthia Nwadike, OLA
    • Rev. Sr. Esther Ibekwe, OLA
    • Rev. Sr. Moriah Jacob, OLA
    • Rev. Sr. Christabel Mashuka, OLA
    • Rev. Sr. Zita Adigwe, OLA
    • Rev. Sr. Monica Ukwu, OLA
  • Rev. Sr. Theresa Udechukwu, OLA

In this vein, we also have Headmistress/Head Teachers who have contributed their quota to the development of this great school.

  • Chief Mrs. Okuribido F. J. (1968 – 1991)
  • Mrs. Osugo H. I. (1991 – 1995)
  • Mrs. Udoeno C. (1996 – 2000)
  • Rev. Sr. Martina Mmagu OLA (2000 – 2002)
  • Rev. Sr. Roseline Legunsen OLA (2002 – 2004)
  • Rev. Sr. Monica Onwunali OLA (2004 – 2009)
  • Rev. Sr. Gladys Osagie OLA (2009 – 20019)
  • Rev. Sr. Lucia Otusanya OLA (2019 – till date)

Thanks to God Almighty and to Late Archbishop J. K. A. Aggey, the 1st proprietor of the school and his successors; Anthony Cardinal Okojie who graciously ceded the School to the OLA province of Nigeria in 1990 when she became a province.


  • In the year 1966 on 18th of November, the Ministry of Education approved the opening of the school and was then called;
    Maryland Private Nursery school
    • Maryland Private Primary School
  • On the 23rd January, 1967 Rev. Sr. Congall Miligan (L. L. C. M.) was appointed acting Principal. With her were 5 members of staff and 98 pupils
  • On 28th June 1967, the school was visited by an official from the Ministry of Education, Mr. Tunji Bakare.
  • In 1968, the school appointed Sr. Camilus, OLA the first Principal (Supervisor) and Mrs. Okuribido F. J. as the first Headmistress.
  • In 1969, Sr. Kathleen O’Regan, OLA was appointed the 2nd principal (Supervisor).
  • On 9th April, 1969 the 1st PTA meeting was held.
  • In 1971, Rev. Sr. Stephanie Greene, OLA was appointed the 3rd principal (Supervisor).
  • On 21st July, 1971, the school had 50 candidates who were successful for the sacrament of First Holy Communion.
  • On 22nd February 1975, the school wrote her first Lagos State Entrance Examination.
  • On 13th November, 1981, the school held her 1st open day.
  • On 28th January, 1983 the 1st Inter-house sports competition was held.
  • On 23rd June, 2007, under the administration of Rev. Sr. Monica Onwunali, OLA, the school celebrated her 40th anniversary which commenced with a thanksgiving Mass celebrated by Rt. Msgr. Aniagwu J. K. the Episcopal Vicar Ikeja Region and was assisted by Rev. Fr. Raphael Adebayo, the Parish Priest.
  • On 7th October, 2008 the foundation of the school hall was blessed by Rev. Fr. Romanus SMA. In attendance were Rev. Sr. Rosita Nobis, (OLA, Provincial Superior), some Reverend Sisters and some members of PTA executives.
  • On 24th January, 2009 Rev. Sr. Monica Onwunali, OLA handed over to Rev. Sr. Gladys Osagie, OLA, who worked with Rev. Sr. Theresa Udechukwu OLA as her assistant.
  • On 5th March, 2019, Rev. Sr. Gladys Osagie, OLA handed over to Rev. Sr. Lucia Otusanya, OLA  who is currently the Head Teacher and she works with Rev. Sr. Valentina Adeyemo, OLA who is her assistant.


Rev. Sr. Comgall Milligan OLA

Supervisor, 1966-Nov 1979

Rev. Sr. Lelia Dineen OLA

Staff 1970-1971

Rev. Sr Nora Cullenton OLA

Staff, March 1985-1986

Rev. Sr. Stephanie Greene OLA

Teacher & Supervisor, July 1970-Feb 1980

Rev. Sr. Johanna McCarthy OLA

Supervisor, Sept 1970-Nov 1991

Rev. Sr. Catherine Farrell OLA

Supervisor, Sept 1991- March 2001


Rev. Sr. Patricia Okwuegba OLA

Rev. Sr Cordelia Ogene OLA

Rev. Sr. Celestina Agwu OLA

Rev. Sr. Joy-Getrude Okonkwo OLA

Rev. Sr. Philomina Adah OLA

Rev. Sr. Cynthia Nwadike OLA

Rev. Sr. Lelia Barikpe OLA

Rev. Sr. Maria Jacob OLA

Rev. Sr. Esther Ibekwe OLA

Rev. Sr. Christabel Mashuka OLA

Rev. Sr. Zita Adigwe OLA

Rev. Sr. Monica Ukwu OLA


Chief Mrs. Jadesola Okuribo

First Headmistress 1968-1991

Mrs. H. I. Osugo

Headmistress 1991-1995

Mrs. C. Udonoh

Headmistress, 1996-2001

Rev. Sr. Martina Mmagu OLA


Rev. Sr. Roseline Legunsen OLA

Headmistress, 2002-2003

Rev. Sr. Monica Onwunali OLA

Headmistress, 2003-2009

Rev. Sr. Gladys Osagie OLA

Head Teacher, February 2009 - 2019

Rev. Sr. Lucia Otusanya OLA

Head Teacher, February 2019 - till date