MCPS is a school that grooms her pupil academically, socially, mentally, spiritually and morally.

Based on the spirituality of her pupils, the group Missionary Childhood Associated was established in the school.

The pupils through this group are encouraged to pray the mission rosary each week (one mystery each day) for the good of the whole world.

  • On Mondays, Africa is being prayed for.
  • On Tuesday, America is being prayed for
  • On Wednesday, Europe is being prayed for
  • On Thursday, Australia is being prayed for
  • On Friday, Asia is being prayed for.

Wednesdays is the day set aside for donation of money for the less privilege.

During Advert, pupils donate gift items (food, cloths, money, medicine, toiletries etc) for the less privilege people and a day is set aside for visitation which is our community service.

Catechism classes are organized every Friday by 1:00pm to prepare the Catholic pupils in receiving the sacrament of First Holy Communion.

Not forgetting the saying of the Angelus prayer by 12:00pm, Divine mercy prayer by 3:00pm. Masses held at the beginning and the end of each term and stations of the cross during lent.

On morality, different moral topics are explained by the Assembly leader on the assembly ground each week. Topic such as Purity, Courtesy, Love, Sportsmanship, Faith, Contentment, Honesty, Hospitality etc are taught.


October is dedicated to our queen of queens, our mother, Mary  the mother of Jesus.

The school as part of her pupils formation in religious life, engages in the praying of the rosary each day in the month of May and October.

On the last Friday in October, the school had a procession to end the October devotion honouring Mary as queen of heaven and earth.