Maryland Convent Private School, Lagos – MCPS / Convent as it is popularly called is one of the foremost private schools owned by the missionary sisters of Our Lady of Apostles. She is known for her academic excellence, moulding exceptional characters and brilliant pupils mentally, physically, and spiritually who will become future leaders of the nation. The school which has nurtured her young for over 50 years of developing well educated builders of a just society, come January 23, 2017, will be celebrating her golden jubilee anniversary.

The school has turned out great scholars who have attained key positions and hold enviable positions in the society such personalities like Hon. Abike Dabiri {Senior Special Assistant to the President}, Kola Adewole {CEO The Place}, Bimbo Akintola {top entertainer in the movie industry} and a great lot.

The school still maintains her reason for its establishment which is to develop children (especially the girl child) in all aspect at an affordable fee.

The school is well staffed with experience and professionally qualified teachers. The management following the modern trend of education organizes seminar for staff (teaching and non teaching) in order to improve their quality of services which helps to impact positivity and build the pupils. She even went extra miles in engaging her pupils in the following subjects:

  • French
  • Phonetics
  • Chess

In line with delivering qualitative education and producing a well grounded pupil in all aspect of life, she does not limit her knowledge to classroom work alone but also extra curriculum activities (Taekwondo training, Boys Scout, Girls’ Guild, Jet Club, Football Club, Press Club, Debate and dramatic Club, Red Cross, Choir, Missionary Childhood Association (MCA), Cultural troupe), exhibitions of arts and cultures, debates, sport (bi-annual inter house sport competition), excursions and spiritual exercise such as visiting/donating to the less privilege children, praying for the children all over the world, stations of the cross during Lenten seasons, Catechism classes that grooms Catholic pupils for the first holy Communion etc.

The school is categorized into different sections ranging from Playgroup Preparatory Nursery1 Nursery 2 Lower Primary (1-3) Upper Primary (4-6) and crèche.

The school enrolls her pry 6 pupils whom she calls ‘’THE AMBASSADORS” in all external examination to prepare them towards entering the secondary level, she goes as far as organizing “THE MORNING DRILL” which begins by 7:00am (before assembly) to groom them especially in the aspect of speed, and fight against examination phobia. She also organizes Saturday lesson all for the 100% success of her pupils.


We build our school on thee oh Lord
We build our common needs, with loving heart we sing
togetherness, obedience and hard work.
The tender thought, the kindly deeds,
Keep our faltering steps aright; we work together in thy sight
Enrich and bless our school, we pray thy spirit may be present in our midst.
We build our school in thee oh Lord
We build our common needs, with loving heart we sing
togetherness, obedience and hard work.