Co-curricular activities
The school engages in 11 co – curriculum activities. They are formatted to build the intellect, Spirituality and talents of these pupils. They are:
• Jet Club
• Debate / Dramatic club
• Press Club
• Choir
• Red Cross
• Boys Scout
• Girls Guide
• Band
• Cultural
• Football club

Junior Engineers /Technician (Jet) Club: This club is for pupils who are interested in becoming future scientist. These pupils are groomed to stand the test of time and excel in their science oriented field and become men and women of proven integrity.

Press Club: When we talk on building Confidence, molding good orators, speaking using orals with correct diction etc, we call them PRESS CLUB.   Pupils are encouraged to be confidence in speaking and carrying out interviews, bold in reporting on latest events and casting news. In the school, news is being casted every Thursday on the assembly ground. Competition like spelling bee, quiz etc are represented by pupils of this club.

Missionary Childhood Association (MCA): MCA is a group that groom and guide the pupils’ spiritual growth by the following:
• Encourage pupils to become friends and lover of Jesus Christ
• Encourage pupils to pray for children all over the world
• Assisting children who are in need
• Encourage Catholic pupils (who are of age) in receiving the sacrament of first holy communion
• Making sacrifices by visiting homes of the less privileged children
• Etc

Choir: this group train and encourages pupils to sing and win souls through their voices for Christ. When the choristers of Maryland Convent Private School sing, they spice the event with their angelic voices.
Red Cross: Red Cross is a voluntary organization which was established in the school to encourage pupils have the spirit to serve humanity in helping alleviate human suffering in the face of emergency. Pupils are taught certain ways to save lives before taken to the hospital for proper check up

Cultural society: this group helps in discovering and developing talents in the area of performing art. Pupils represent the school in any cultural competition. In the year 2013, the school won the shell cultural children competition.

Football club: building the spirit of sportsmanship is done by this group. Tactics on playing football is taught.